This is a love story. When you find the one, you just know. 

Which is how they felt when Claire (nee BOlt) and Luke HOban found Boho Farm (and each other, of course). 

Fresh out of high school, they fell in love and planned a life together. They travelled the world, and built careers; but they always dreamed of a place on the Fleurieu. A place with room to grow a family, vines, olives, make wine and gin, connect with the land, collaborate with like-minded producers, and share the best of the Fleurieu with people from near and far. 

They couldn’t believe their eyes when they found their home (a little sooner than they had anticipated, but you know what they say; you find love when you aren’t looking for it). 

They sold their house in the city and moved to Mount Jagged along with Claire’s parents. Since then, they have been growing the farm (and their family!), growing grapes, producing wine and gin,  and they are just getting started…

Our Farm

We have 82 acres under vines, and 80 acres of grazing, olive groves, a beautiful dam, and a valley dissected by currency creek which winds its way through, making pockets of magic and outdoor rooms to discover.

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Our vineyard was designed by Geoff Hardy and planted in 1998.

It includes parcels of Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Savagnin, Cabernet Sauvignon and Semillon. The 82 acres of vines are situated in a valley 250-300m above sea level, making it well positioned for cool climate wines.

The vineyard's terroir of soil rich in iron stone, high elevation, close proximity to the coast and natural springs makes for elegant wines. The geographic/topographic location on the Fleurieu Peninsula means it is insulated by the hills of Willunga, but also benefits from the cooling effect of the ocean. These warmer winters and cooler summers allow for slower ripening period, letting the grapes retain acid and aromatics, which in turn builds character in the wine. This also means budburst and harvest typically start later than vineyards at the bottom of the hill, and grapes typically ripen for harvest only a couple of weeks after McLaren Vale. With a regenerative approach to farming and managing the land, Boho Farm sees healthy soil as the most important factor in producing quality wines.

Guided by top viticulturalists, Boho Farm produces grapes and wines representative of the Southern Fleurieu terroir, but with a twist.  The coastal highland location, climate and soil position Mount Jagged as a micro-region distinctly different to the majority of the beautiful Southern Fleurieu region.

This, coupled with a gentle approach to winemaking, creates unique and aromatic flavour profiles in our wines that you won’t find anywhere else in the world.